About this site

This site is focussed on a unique music application called Scaler, distrubuted by Plugin Boutique.

Scaler offers two distinctive characteristics.

Firstly, it is a ideal application for improving musical theory knowledge, from novice to semi-advanced. Rather than this being a ‘stale’ process, it connects with the user directly visually and by enabling the immediate auditioning of the sounds associated with the topic under consideration; this forms a connection between a scale/chord and a sound.

Secondly, it offers a sophisticated and flexible range of functions to enable music pieces to be assembled at a MIDI level, which can either be rendered by the excellent inbuilt sounds, or exported to a DAW via drag and drop. It is not in the same category as the many ‘making music by numbers’ tools, but rather it provides comprehensive guidance for the user to explore sophisticated enhancements from the hundreds of starting templates (from a wide range genres) to build the user’s own unique progressions and compositions.

It truly lives up to the ‘headline’ of the product, which is to ‘enable the composer within.’

This site provides a variety of ideas on how to exploit the capabilities of the application.

Scaler’s strengths are underpinned by the musical credentials of the creation team. Their leader has been in the music business for decades, and Scaler is in daily use in his award winning business ventures. This fact alone foretells of an evolving product, keeping it at the front of its niche in the market.

Technically, the product is sold as a 64 bit VST2/ VST3 plugin, which will run in the major DAWs hosted on Windows, Mac and iPad.