Multi-channel MIDI

Parts of this topic will relate to the use of Ableton Live as a DAW. However, because Live does not recognise channels for internal DAW hosting, the feeding MIDI source (in this case Scaler) has to be hosted externally; this is where Cantabile comes in. The Live issue will be addressed here, but most other cases the DAW will be channel aware, and the handling of these scenarios becomes self-evident(ish)

Cantabile provides a very flexible framework for working with multi-channel MIDI. THis might occur in a number of ways

One instance of Scaler, multi-channel output, one MIDI port : Version 2.7 provided an options for ‘multi-voice output’ allowing for different notes to be played using different voices i.e. the capability for basic orchestration. Hence the output Scaler MIDI could be directed to a single port, and the receiving DAW would be able to route to the required instruments by channel differentiation.

One instance of Scaler, multi-channel output, voices split by MIDI port : In this case the external Scalers end the output to N MIDI ports, and a channel filter is added in Cantabile to send only notes on a given channels sent to Live.

One instance of Scaler, single channel output, voices split by MIDI port : This might be the case where Cantabile’s rules are used to split the MIDI stream up by note values, and send the output to different ports. This provides a more controllable ‘divisi’ scenario.

One instance of Scaler, single channel output, voices split by MIDI port : As above, but input notes are routed to more than one port, to play on different instruments. This is potentially the more realistic option since orchestral instruments overlap in note frequency ranges.

Multiple instances of Scaler: with any combination of the above on the MDI output side. Combinations of the Scaler instances may use Scaler Sync, but each instance will be DAW synced to Cantabile.

Complex Multiple instances of Scaler : In this scenario, two or more Scalar instances are sync’d using Scaler sync, to keep progressions synchronised. The Scaler instances are DAW sync’d to Cantabile, and Cantabile itself is sync’d as a slave to Ableton Live using MIDI Time Code (MTC). This allows working across Cantabile and Live in a consistent manner. Cantabile might have complex MIDI rules bases on channel, MIDI note / velocity etc.

Various examples of these scenarios are given in related pages.