Ableton Live 1

This page describes a further ‘building block ‘ in more complex Cantabile / Live setups. The following diagram shows the basic arrangement

This scenario is comprised of 3 instances of Scaler running in Cantabile. Two instances are sync’d by Scaler Sync (1 being the leader and 2 the follower) whilst the third copy can have the progression amended separately, although all three need to play in sync. Each copy has DAW sync set in the Scaler options.

First of all, to make it easier to see, just one Scaler instance will be used to demonstrate the process. {The next step will be to show the 3 Scaler example, and then, extending that to multiple MIDI routings.} Cantabile is first sync’d to Ableton Live. This is done by setting the ‘Sync to MDID clock’ option. In Live, make sure the ‘clock’ port is visible and set to Sync.

These two key changes to effect the clock sync are shown above and left. The following clip shows the process in action.