31.12.22 A couple of Windows and OBS hacks : [OBS is the ‘Open Broadcaster Software, for video recoding and vlogging] In putting together these initial pages, I had to find and deploy a couple of (apparently well known) functional fixes, which are maybe worth sharing.

{1} The first is shown in the video towards the bottom of the page here . Note that the Cantabile window is sitting in front of Live, but to start the progression playing I had to click Ableton – but the Cantabile window remained on top whilst being recorded using OBS. This was courtesy an ‘Auto Hot Script’ hot key, which you can apply to some chosen window to keep it in focus. Search for ‘AlwaysOnTop.ahk’ for multiple links showing how to do this and a download of the script.

{2} I have found that the volume when using OBS is too low. This can easily be addressed by adding a ‘gain’ filter to the source, and boosting the signal by the desired amount. Again, Google is your friend.

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