The Scaler ‘State File’

One really useful capability of Scaler is the ‘Export State’ function. which can be thought of as taking a snapshot of your work at some point in time and saving it. This can therefore be restored at any time, so that you can pick up from where you left off. It contains a superset of the data n the function to save chords sets..

However, the data are saved in a format called ‘XML’, short for Extensible Mark-up Language, and widely used in computing to exchange data. It’s pretty powerful technology because it references wide ranging information about the data content. On the face of it, it’s pretty incomprehensible if you have never used it, but there are some elements which are easy to understand and may be useful. The purpose of this page is to unpick a small section of the data.

The format of the data is described by a ‘schema’, applicableto the application in question, Some Scaler users may be familiar with ‘MusicXML, used to describe notation

The following documents give some insight into the structure of the file. These will be expanded in due course.

The overall schema